Straddling bus can be a cheaper, green and faster alternative to commute and is capable of tackling the traffic jam problems.


  • A big concern on top of urban transportation planners mind is how to speed up the traffic: putting more buses on the road will jam the road and also pollute the air, Building more subways is expensive and time consuming.
  • need such type of transportation system which is sustainable, So here is an cheaper, greener and faster alternative i.e. STRADDLING BUS
  • The straddling bus was first exhibited on the 13th Beijing International High-Tech Expo. The basic idea was proposed by Shenzhen Hashi.
straddling bus


  • The bus looks like a subway or light rail train bestriding the road. It is 4-4.5meters high with two levels: passenger’s board on the upper level while other vehicles other than 2 meters can go through under.
  • It is powered by electricity and solar energy, the bus can speed up to 60km/h carrying 1200-1400 passengers at a time without blocking other vehicles way.
  • Large windows are provided on the both lower sides so the illusion of car moving back, is not created. And also have emergency brake system, evacuation system.
  •  Also the estimated cost is about 5.36 Billion rupees to build the straddling bus which is approximately 7% of Metro system and 10% of building equivalent subway. Now it is working on a 40Km long track.
straddling bus

Present transport problem: -

  • Present transport system like buses takes up road spaces and creates noise and air pollution. More buses on the road will jam the road and also causes accidents. 
  • Normal bus system is not sophisticated and the buses are congested.
  •  Large parking spaces are required. Metro costs a lot and takes a long time to build.
straddling bus

Future transport and its benefits: -

  • It is sustainable and ecofriendly as it compatible with the declining resources by deriving its energy from renewable world which is suffering from energy crisis.
  •  It does not create pollution and traffic congestion and road accidents.
  •  It is cheaper and construction takes less time and saves road spaces, efficient and high in capacity.
  •  Traveling with these buses will consume less time and hence it is more sophisticated. Large parking spaces are not required and can be parked on roads without affecting the passage of cars.
straddling bus

Features of straddling bus: -

  • About the ultrasonic waves put forth from the end of the bus, which is to keep those high cars or trucks away from entering the tunnel.
  •  Using laser ray to scan, cars get too close to the passage will activate the alarm on the bus end. Inside the bus, there are turning lights that indicate the bus is intending to make a turn to warn the cars inside.
  • Also radar scanning system is embedded on the walls to warn cars from getting too close to the bus wheels.
  •  Nowadays many big cities have remodeled their traffic signaling system, to prioritize public buses, that is to say when a bus reaches a crossing, red light on the other side of the fork will turn on automatically to give buses the right of way.
  • Our bus can learn from this BRT method. 
  • The car can make the turn with the bus if that is the direction it wants to go too; if not, the red light will be on to stop the cars beneath while the bus take the turn.
straddling bus

Steps for implementation: -

  • There are two parts in building the bus. One is remodeling of road and other is building station.
  • Two ways to remodel the road : we can go with laying rails on both sides of car lane or we can paint two white lines on both sides and use auto pilot technology in the bus which will follow the lines and run stable.
  • There are also two ways in dealing with station platform. One is to load and unload through side, other is using the built in ladder so that passenger can go up and to the overpass through the ceiling door.
straddling bus

Power supply to buses:-

  • It is completely powered by municipal electricity and solar energy system.
  • In terms of electricity, the setting is called relay direct current electrification.
  •  The bus itself is electrical conductor, two rails built on top to allow the charging post to run along with the bus, the next charging post will be on the rails before the earlier one leaves, that is why we call it relay charging. 
  • It is new invention, not available yet in other places.
straddling bus

Challenges and solution: -

  • Improper traffic light monitoring system, Wide roads not available in many areas, People’s carelessness and unawareness in following traffic rules, Poor road conditions, Government’s unwillingness towards new transit system and keep spending on conventional transit system, Lack of co-ordination in different departments .
  • Central and efficient traffic monitoring by traffic control agencies, Construction of wide and efficient roads, Awareness campaigns for people and imposing heavy fines for breaking rule.
  • A separate central department to look after all the maintenance problems of the bus system and will be under direct control of higher authorities, Setting up a separate head of the all departments to control and co-ordinate effectively.
straddling bus


  • It runs above car and under overpass, saves road space.
  • It uses electric and solar power reduces the air pollution.
  • It reduces up to 20-30 % of traffic jams.
  • It is safe, efficient and has high capacity and

“This project is going to prove a best alternative for a country like India. But for this we have to do future planning as because if the ‘elevated bus’ is deployed on ordinary urban roadways, it will need special groundwork, otherwise the roads will be crushed to smithereens before long.”

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