In today’s time, I am damn sure you might be spending most of your time surfing the internet, watching videos, reading content, scrolling Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Quora, Reddit or other content platforms of your choice.

Now think from the deep of your heart.

Are you making something productive out of that time?

Are you able to make out a source of revenue from it?

Is it worth spending so much time without getting a penny from it?

I know everyone loves scrolling internet. spending time on social media has become the most important task for everyone nowadays. you can’t stay away from the internet even for one hour or two.

But at the same time, many people across the globe are making a business out of it. they are utilizing that time in earning and helping them grow their economic status just by sitting at home, doing the same task that you are doing, just scrolling the internet, spending time on social media, sharing content etc and they are making 100’s of dollars on an hourly basis for the same amount of time that you are simply wasting.

If you are the one who is spending a lot of time scrolling the web, and if you’re willing to make a business out of it, make yourself an online researcher so that you can get paid for the time you spend surfing.


This business opportunity was earlier known as information brokering, but, with the advancement of the internet, the name changed but the business remains the same.

Previously, the information was researched from newspapers, magazines, and journals are now those pieces of information are easily available online.

An online researcher business works in two ways. At first, the data and facts that are relevant to specific topics are collected. Secondly, the compiled data is sold to individuals or companies or businesses that require that data. Business owners also list the requirement of an online researcher to gather information about their competitors, their industry or any other data based on their interest. In both the case, clients are paid for the information they are gathering.

The pay rates for the services may vary, depending on research time, type of data etc that is required. generally, the pay scale varies between $50 to $80 per hour and some times even more.



  • internet surfing capabilities
  • data handling
  • compilation of data
  • writing skills
  • reading skills
  • The Software’s like Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, notepad etc.
  • Mailing
  • knowledge of various search engines.



There are a bunch of reasons an Online Researcher business could be good for you. The benefits of this business idea include:

  • You just need a computer and internet access to start this business.
  • since the internet is always available there is no such time constraint.
  • Your researching speed will increase as you become more familiar with online search tools and resources.
  • You can expand your knowledge as you work.
  • If you have a background in a research-based field such as journalism or library science, you will more easily be able to market your value to potential clients. 
  • Your business can be home-based or mobile. If working from home, you also should be able to deduct expenses for your home office when filing your taxes.
  • You can target broadly or specialize in specific areas.


There are certain challenges in this business too. Some of them are:

  • Establishing this business requires advanced networking, marketing, and self-promotion to build a client base.
  • You have to evaluate information because all the information found on the internet is not as accurate.
  • You must have the skills and knowledge to go more than the basic Google, Bing or Yahoo searches. There are millions of other pages that the popular search engines don’t reach, thus you must know how to find that relevant data valuable to your clients.
  • You have to be especially careful to avoid plagiarism because fake or copied content is not at all valid in this business.
  • must have an understanding of the different search engines and how to use them so as to find exactly what you’re looking.
  • You must exactly know what questions to ask your clients so as to gain a clear understanding of what information they need from you.


  • Experts123 
  • Wonder
  • Maven
  • Answeree
  • JustAnswer
  • Smallbiz Advice
  • 10EQS 
  • Pearson
  • Article One Partners
  • IT-Boss Research
  • StudyPool
  • Presto Experts
  • Clarity 

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