Transparent concrete is made by the combination of fibers optics and fine concrete is achieved by replacing aggregates with transparent alternate materials. read the full article to know all details.

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  • TRANSPARENT CONCRETE also called as TRANSLUCENT CONCRETE or LIGHT TRANSMITTING CONCRETE is achieved by replacing aggregates with transparent alternate materials.
  • The bounding material in transparent concrete may be able to transmit light by using clear sharp optical fibers during the concrete mix.
  • Use of optical fibers and fine concrete makes the concrete transparent and efficient enough to transmit light through it.
  • It was originally developed in 2001 by a HUNGARIAN ARCHITECT: AROUOLOSOUZI” by using glass fibers.
  • It is produced by mixing 4% to 5% (by volume) optical fibers in the concrete mixture. This concrete has a less weight as compared to the original one.
light transmitting concrete engineerism


  • It is manufactured by using the combination of fibers optics and fine concrete.
  • These fibers blends into concrete like any other aggregates.
  • The optical fibers can transmit light from natural and artificial sources into spaces enclosed by translucent concrete panels.
  • The main reason for using optical fiber in concrete is that it can transmit light even an incident angle greater than 60°.

Optical fibers: -

  • it consist of three layers called as “CORE”, “CLADDING” & “BUFFER” coating or jacket. The light is transmitted through the core of the optical fiber.
light transmitting concrete engineerism

Transparent concrete: -

  • It is manufactured using five materials only. It does not contain usual aggregates. This concrete can have the compressive strength of that of high strength of that of high strength concrete around 70mpa (10,000 Psi).

The following materials are used during its construction

Cement: -

  • As the optical fiber is the only material responsible for the transmitting of the light in this concrete thus as a result no special cement is used during its construction.
  • So, ordinary Portland cement is used for preparing the transparent concrete.
light transmitting concrete engineerism

Sand: -

  •  since the transparent concrete is manufactured by only using fine materials thus the size of sand should pass through 1.8mm.
  • the sand should be free from any impurities such as vegetation, large stones etc.

Water: -

  • water to be used for transparent concrete should be of drinking water quality, free from any impurities.

Optical fibers: -

  • optical fibers in the range of 4% to 5% by volume is used for transparent concrete.
  • Thickness of optical fiber should be varying between 1mm and 2mm to suit the particular requirements of light transmission.
light transmitting concrete engineerism


  • The main advantage of transparent concrete is that it can transmit light thus, it can be used to construct green buildings.
  • Since it can transmit light from natural as well as artificial sources, the buildings can have fewer lights to meet its demand for lightening, thus saving huge energy cost.
  • Transparent concrete uses sunlight as source of energy instead of electrical energy and reduces power consumption.
  • This concrete can also be used in cold countries to transmit heat with sunlight.
light transmitting concrete engineerism
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