Green concrete plays a vital role in achieving sustainable development when natural resources will be on the verge of extinction. Read the entire article for full details.

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  •  Any infrastructure designed and constructed in a sustainable way minimizes the use of resources through the hole life cycle of the construction process in which green concrete plays a vital role in achieving sustainable development.
  • It is a miracle tool for present and future when natural resources will be on the verge of extinction.
  • The concrete is made with concrete waste which is ecofriendly and that is known as green concrete.
  • The other name of green concrete is resource saving structures with reduced environmental impact for example: energy savings, co2 emission, waste water etc.
  • It is revolutionary topic in the history of concrete industry.
  • It was first invented in DENMARK in the year 1998 by Dr. W.G.
  • This concrete uses inorganic residual products (stone, dust, crushed concrete), ceramic wastes as green aggregates and about 40% of cement content is replaced by fly ash, micro silica etc.
  • Partial replacement of cement with the help of fly ash, risk husk ash, silica fumes and some recycled materials like wood ash, consumer glass, foundry sand, plastic etc.
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  • As concrete is the second most consumed entity after water and produce 5% of world’s total co2 emissions.
  •  Every aspect of this production its production from mining and transporting to the raw materials, to heating them to over 1400°c in a kiln and chemical process of burning limestones into small rocks of cements are called clinker, release huge amount of carbon dioxide.
  •  According to International energy agency estimation every kg of cement produced, around same amount of co2 is released in the atmosphere.

Therefore, innovators improved the environmental credentials of concrete by introducing green concrete/earth friendly concrete.
This concrete reduces the world’s co2 emission by 1.5 to 2%

green concrete engineerism


  • GREEN CONCRETE proves to be useful in every aspect.
  • One of the major advantage of the green concrete is that it helps in reducing the amount of cement in the mix which further reduces the consumption of overall cement.
  • Is also solve the problem of disposing excessive amount of industrial waste.
  • Increased dependence on recycled materials: the effective use of recycled materials can help in reducing the dependence of virgin materials.
  • Reduces the co2 emissions.
  • Sustainable development enhances with the use of green concrete.
  • Its energy consumption is also low in comparison to the normal concrete manufacturing.
  • It uses light weight aggregates which reduces some self-weight on concrete.
  • These points clearly indicate that there are means to achieve sustainable construction with the help of green concrete.
green concrete engineerism


  • The green concrete has been used to construct the apron, lax – way and turning node at BRISBANE’S WELLCAMP AIRPORT, billed as the greenest airport in the world for reportedly having the largest application of modern geo polymer concrete in the world
  • It’s estimated that using E.F.C. instead of Portland based concrete here saved more than 66,000 tons of carbon emissions
  • This concrete is also used for the construction of green buildings which have been created in various part of INDIA also. So, with the help of green concrete technology we can save the natural resources or natural materials for future use or the generation to come and sustain it for good amount of time.
  • With waste material as alternative we can help to reduce the material for future generations as well.
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